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Dance Recitals Assignments

Showcase 1, 9:30am

Showcase 2, 12:00pm

Showcase 3, 2:30pm

Showcase 4, 5:00pm

Tiny Tutus (Wed 4:15-5pm)

 Miss Jen

Dynamic Duo Tap/Ballet  (Mon 4-5:00pm)  Miss Margo

Precious Petites (Tues 9:15-9:45am) Miss Janina

Tiny Tutus (Tues 11-11:45am)

Miss Janina

Precious Petites (Tues 9:15-9:45am) Miss Janina

Dynamic Duo Tap/Ballet (Thurs 5-6:00pm) Miss Margo

Precious Petites (Mon 3:30-4pm) Miss Margo

Dynamic Duo Ballet/Jazz

(Tues 6-7:00pm) Miss Dani

Dynamic Duo Ballet/Jazz (Tues 4-5:00pm) Miss Melissa

Lil’ Cuties (Thurs 4:15pm)

Miss Margo

Lil’ Cuties (Thurs 3:30-4:15pm) Miss Margo

Jazz Pizzaz 3 (Thurs 7-8:00pm)

Mr Jaren

Dynamic Duo Ballet /Jazz (Thurs 6-7:00pm) Miss Janina

Jazz Pizzaz 2 (Mon 6-7:00pm) 

Miss Melissa

Lil’ Cuties (Tues 9:45-10:30am) Miss Janina

Jazz 6 (Tues 8-9:00) Miss Melissa

Dynamic DuoTap/Ballet,(Mon 5-6:00pm) Miss Margo

Jazz Pizzaz 2 (Tue 7:00-8:00pm)

Miss Dani

Jazz 4 (Tues 5-6:00pm) Miss Margo


Jazz 7 (Mon 5-6:00) Miss Missy

Lil’ Cuties (Wed 4:45-5:30pm)

Miss Margo

Jazz Pizzaz 2-3 (Wed 4-5:00pm)

Miss Janina

Jazz 5 (Mon 7-8:00pm) Miss Missy

Contemporary 5-6 (Thurs 7-8:00) Miss Lindsey

Jazz I (Thurs 6-7:00pm)

Mr Jaren

Jazz Pizzaz 3 (Tues 7-8:00pm)

Miss Melissa

Jazz 4 (Mon 7-8:00pm) Miss Melissa

Contemporary 7 (Mon 4-5:00)

Miss Missy

Jazz 1 (Tues 5-6:00pm)

Miss Melissa

Emotions in Motion 2 (Thurs 7-8:00pm) Miss Janina

Tap 4-5 (Wed 7-8:00pm)

Miss Melissa

Hip Hop 6 (Thurs 5-6:00)

Mr Gabe

Tappin’ Toes 1-2 (Wed 3:45-4:45pm) Miss Margo

Emotions in Motion 2-3 (Tue 4-5:00pm) Miss Margo

Emotions in Motion 3 (Thurs 5-6:00pm) Mr Jaren

Squad Hip Hop 7 (Thurs 8-9:00)

Mr Gabe

Emotions in Motion 1 (Tues 6-7:00pm) Miss Melissa

Hip Hop 2 (Wed 5:15-6:15pm)

Miss Meghan

Contemporary 4 (Mon 6-7:00pm)

Miss Missy

Grace & Beauty Ballet 6-7 (Wed 7:30-9) Miss Janina

Hip Hop Hooray! (Wed 4:45-5:15pm) Miss Meghan

Hip Hop 2-3 (Thurs 6-7:00pm)

Mr Gabe

Contemporary 4 (Mon 7-8:00pm)

Miss Janina

Beauty Ballet 7 (Tues 3:45-5:15 pm) Miss Janina

Hip Hop 1 (Wed 6:15-7:15pm)

Miss Miranda

Hip Hop 3 (Wed 6:15-7:15pm)

Mr Gabe

Hip Hop 4-5 (Thurs 7-8:00pm) Mr Gabe


Pointe Ballet (Tues5:15-6) Miss Janina

Dudes with Moves (Wed 5:30-6:15pm) Miss Miranda

Hip Hop Hooray (Thurs 4:30-5pm)

Mr. Gabe

Hip Hop 4-5 (Wed 7:15-8:15pm)

Miss Miranda

Musical Theater 4-5 (Mon 4-5:00) Miss Melissa

Poise 1 Ballet (Thurs 5-6:00pm)

Miss Janina

Poise 2 Ballet (Wed 3:45-4:45pm) Miss Melissa

Strength & Grace Ballet 4-5 (Wed 8-9:00) Miss Melissa

Musical Theater 6-7 (Tues 6-7:00) Miss Missy

Poise 1 Ballet (Wed 5-6:00pm)

Miss Janina

Poise 2 Ballet (Thurs 4-5:00pm)

Miss Janina

Strength & Grace Ballet  4-5 (Thurs 8-9:00pm) Miss Janina

Precious Petites (Wed 3:45-4:15pm) Miss Jen

Musical Theater 1-2 (Mon 5-6:00pm) Miss Melissa

Poise and Strength 2-3 Ballet (Wed 6-7:00pm) Miss Janina

Strength Ballet 4 (Tue 6-7:00pm) Miss Janina

B-Boys (Wed 7:15-8:15pm)

Mr Gabe

IC Dances

Tap 2-3 (Wed 5-6:00pm)

Miss Melissa

Strength Ballet 3 (Mon 4-5:00pm)

Miss Sarah

Tap 6-7 (Wed 6-7:00pm)

Miss Melissa


IC Dances

Grace  Ballet 5 (Tues 7-8:00pm)

Miss Janina

IC Dances



Teen Combo (Tues 8-9:00pm) Miss Janina





IC Dances




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